Land Pooling Scheme

New Infrastructure development projects are proposed to improve connectivity that allow for fast movement of goods and services and to connect major hubs to one another. This development is foresightedly done to provide new employment opportunities, increase in income in agricultural growth and allied activities and provides growth opportunities to the adjoining areas as well. These types of projects need large tracts of land. Availability of new land for development projects remains one of the major challenges faced by any government. However, landowners with limited financial and land resources, whose livelihood depends on their land and land produces via agriculture and allied activities are unwilling to be part of such huge infrastructure development projects.

To address this issue of limited resources, Government of Maharashtra has come up with a special scheme of Land Pooling. It proposes to collect the land required for the project through voluntary participation. That is the landowners will have the choice to either voluntarily participate in the project under land pooling.

Benefits for the Landowner Availing the Land Pooling Scheme:
  • The participant landowners whose land will be pooled for the Krushi Samruddhi Nagar will get developed plots in the Krushi Samruddhi Nagar equivalent to 30% of their total land pooled.
  • The developed plots will have access to all modern basic amenities such as open spaces, playgrounds, parks, roads, tap water, electricity, sewerage lines and also have access to modern services such as banking, education and health care in the Krushi Samruddhi Nagar.
  • The landowner will have the choice to either sell or transfer this developed plot allotted to a third party any time or use it for commercial or business purpose.
  • To compensate the landowners for any loss of income for the interim period, they are offered monetary compensation for a period of 10 years. The landowner will receive Rs 30,000 per acre for rain fed, Rs. 45,000 per acre for seasonal irrigated and Rs 60,000 per acre for irrigated as crop compensation for a period of 10 years. This will be increased by 10% every year taking inflation into account.
  • The state government is also giving a guarantee to buy back the allotted plot on expiry of 10 years period for a value determined on the date of signing the agreement as per the LARR 2013 with simple interest of 9% per annum for a period of 10 years.
  • Landowners participating in Land Pooling scheme will be provided tax rebate on stamp duties, registration fees, agricultural land conversion charges, development charges etc.
  • The most important benefit of the land pooling scheme is that developed plots with more amenities are returned to the original landowner.
  • The participating landowner has options to participate in a number of economic development activities and enterprises in the Krushi Samruddhi Nagar.
  • By implementing the land pooling scheme, the Government of Maharashtra hopes to set an example of land owners being involved and benefitting directly in an infrastructural development project.
  • The land pooling scheme will be applicable to those farmers who are willing to voluntarily participate in the scheme.