Wardha is an agricultural district. Soybean and Pigeon Pea are principal crops of the district. Pigeon Pea is cultivated throughout the district along with Sorghum and Cotton. Cotton crop is the main cash crop of the district occupying about one-third of the total cultivated land. Sugarcane cultivation is on the rise in some talukas. Oranges and Bananas are also grown in some areas.

Season Main crops
Kharif Soybean, Sorghum, Cotton, Green gram, Pigeon Pea, Rice and Groundnut
Rabi Wheat, Green Chickpea

Arvi at Wardha has the agricultural Produce Market Committee for Jwar, Tur, Soyabean, Gram, Wheat, Cotton, Bajari and Udid.


The large cultivation of cotton has encouraged several cotton-based industries in Wardha. Cottage industry has prospered as a result of the initiative and work of Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave and Jamnalal Bajaj. A large number of handlooms are found in Wardha, Selu, Sindi, Mandgaon, Hingangaon and Allipur etc. In 1993, the Government of India started the Wardha Yojana (scheme), for furthering the development of the cottage industry and the small-scale industry in the district.

The Jijamata Co-operative Sugar Factory at Dusarbid in the district is the first co-operative sugar factory set up in Vidharbha region. Late Baburao Deshmukh Co-operative Sugar Factory at Hinganghat and Mahatma Co-operative Sugar Factory at Jamani in Selu taluka are two other sugar factories in the district. Maharashtra Explosives and Noble Explochem, which produce explosive chemicals, are situated in Selu taluka. Pulgaon has a chemical fertilizer factory. Industrial estates are established at Wardha, Arvi, Hinganghat and Pulgaon. Other industrial developments are as follows:

Trade Places
Ginning-Pressing Mills Hinganghat, Pulgaon, Arvi, Ashti, Karanja, Selu, Sindi, Wardha.
Textile Hinganghat, Pulgaon
Oil mills Hinganghat, Arvi, Wardha
Spinning mills Wardha
Ghongadi (a type of hand-stitched patch-work blanket) and Tadhav (rough woollen blanket) Karanja
Tannery Talegaon, Arvi, Rohani, Nalwadi, Vaigaon.

About 1,540 small to large-scale co-operatives are operational in the district. Akhil Bhartiya Gramodyog Sangh (All-India Cottage Industry Federation) established here is a well-known organization in the State. Deoli is famous for its cattle market.

Industry at a Glance (2012-13)

S. No. Head Unit Particulars
1 Registered Industrial Units Number 736
2 Total Industrial Unit Number 1399
3 Registered Medium and Large Units Number 24
4 Estimated Avg No of daily Workers employed in small scale industries Number 11363
5 Employment in large and medium industries Number 11271
6 No of industrial areas Number 5
7 Turnover of small scale industries Number in lakhs 55072
8 Turnover of medium and large scale industries Number in lakhs NA

Forest produce

The area under the Forest is 1046 Status wise breakup of the Forest area is as under.

  • Reserved Forests - : 499.29
  • Protected Forests - : 316.82
  • Zudpi Jungle -: 153.40
  • Private forest -: 2.49

Major part of the forest is in Arvi, Karanja, Ashti, Wardha and Selu Tahasil at the Northern part of the district. The un-analysed areas which is 50 % of the total forest area, comes under the Revenue department. Reserved area which is 33 % where as Conservation area which is only 17 % comes under the supervision of forest department. Fine quality of Sagwan trees are found in Arvi and Hingani subrange of forest. Inspite of that, forest generally contains Dhawada, Salai, Tendu and Mawai trees. In forest Pen, Kalamb, Palas, Moha, Behada are the plants which are available in aboundnce.Forest land cultivates few major types of grass such as Karad, Dhonad, Musham, Makhel and Sheng, etc.

The ancient name of Amravati is "Udumbravati", prakrut form of this is "Umbravati" and "Amravati" is known for many centuries with this name.

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