Jalna is an agrarian district with Sorghum being the main food grain cultivated in both cropping seasons. Cotton is the primary cash crop as black cotton soil that is good for cotton can be found in the district. The district is also noted for its Safflower production cultivated on a large scale in Ambad, Jalna and Partur talukas. About 75 % area is under Kharif crops, which about 40% of land is under Rabi crops.

Season Main crops
Kharif Sorghum, Spiked Millet, Cotton, Green gram, Red gram, Black gram, Groundnut
Rabi Sorghum, Wheat, Safflower

Spiked millet is cultivated on a large scale in Bhokardan, Jalna and Ambad regions while wheat is cultivated in Ambad, Partur, Jalna and Bhokardan. Jalna has the largest area (7,169 Ha) in the state under sweet lime cultivation. Sugarcane is an important irrigated crop with large-scale cultivation in Ambad and Partur talukas.

Other crops like Pomegranate, Panana, Grapes, are also cultivated here. Bhokardan and Jaffarabad talukas have betel leaves plantations. Banana plantations can be seen in Jalna, Ambad and Partur talukas, while pomegranate and grape cultivations are seen in Jalna taluka.

Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company (MAHYCO) has put Jalna on the world map. Established in 1964 by Dr. Badrinarayan R. Barawale at Davalwadi, MAHYCO is a pioneer and leader in the Indian Seed Industry. MAHYCO is the first private enterprise in India to produce and market hybrid seeds of cotton, sorghum, pearl Millet, sunflower and wheat. MAHYCO is the first Indian company to commercially grow and market transgenic Bollgard cotton- India's first transgenic crop in 2002.

MAHYCO engages in research, production, processing and marketing of approximately 115 products in 30 crop species. It has a network of more than 100,000 farmers in 30 production centres of India. It is one of Asia's progressive research companies in agriculture and seed development and is affiliated to several international organizations. Bejo-Shital Seeds and Mahindra Hybrid Seeds are other seed production companies in the district. The district also has an Agricultural Research Centre at Badnapur.

The Agriculture Produce Market Committees are located in Ashti, Ghansavangi, Jalna, Partur and Ambad. There are 21 sub yards of these APMCs.


Maharashtra State Industrial Development Corporation with the aid of some private sector companies has planned to set up a Biotechnology Park in the district. Jalna, Partur, Ambad, Bhokardan, Jaffarabad and Jalna have industrial estates. The city of Jalna is an important industrial centre in the district. Yashwant Sahakari Sut Girni in Jalna and Matysodari Sahakari Sut Girni in Ghansawangi are the two yarn mills in the district, both working on cooperative principles.

Six co-operative sugar mills in the district are as follows:

Name Place, Taluka
Jalna Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ramangar, Jalna
Samarth Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Vadigodri, Ambad
Bageshwari Sakhar Karkhana Partur, Partur
Rameshwari Sahakari Sakhar Bhokardan,
Karkhana Bhokardan

Industry at a Glance (upto March 2012)

S. No. Particulars No of units Investment in cr. Employment
1 Micro, Small 836 172.02 6077
2 Medium scale 11 63.05 1259
3 Large scale 12 383.03 5514
4 Mega project 35 3647.96 12774
5 MSME EM Part I 1278 289.82 9516


The total area under the forest is 6800 hectares which is only 0.89% of the total geographical area of the district. The total forest area of Maharashtra State is about 5366 Thousand hectares which is 17.42% of its total geographical area. Jalna district accounts for only 0.12% of the total State forest area which is very negligible. The forest produce includes timber and fuel wood, grass, gum and tendu leaves. During the year 1998-99 the total revenue earned form forest produce was Rs. 3.34 Lac out of which Rs. 2.73 Lac was from sale of tendu leaves.

The ancient name of Amravati is "Udumbravati", prakrut form of this is "Umbravati" and "Amravati" is known for many centuries with this name.

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