Like the rest of Vidharbha, the economy in Amravati is mainly dependent on agriculture. Food grains occupy the largest cultivable area, out of which, Sorghum occupies nearly 50%. It is also the main crop of the district occupying 20% of the irrigated land area and is mainly cultivated in the Tivsa, Nandgaon-Kandeshwar, Morshi, Warud and Chandur-Railway talukas. Cotton is an important cash crop in the district as a large part of the planes have black soil suitable for cotton, known as Regur soil or black cotton soil. The district is always among the first three districts in State in terms of total cultivated area and production of cotton. Red gram, Wheat, Green chickpea, Sugarcane, Green Chillies, Sweet lime and Betel leaves are other crops grown in the district. Amravati district is also famous for oranges and along with Nagpur, tops the production of oranges in the State.


The district has many power looms, hand looms, yarn mills and ginning-pressing mills as a result of the good quality cotton that grows here. Weaving of mats and rugs is an important occupation for the people here.

Amravati, Anjangaon, Warud, Achalpur, Daryapur, Morshi talukas have industrial estates. The industrial estate at Saturna runs on cooperative principles. Amravati and Mozari have pharmaceutical manufacturing units. Amravati also has plastic manufacturing and chemical fertilizer plants. The district has only two sugar factories, Shetkari Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana at Devgaon Nagpur in Chandur-Railway taluka and Shri Kondeshwar Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana at Ramnagar (Phulgaon).

Forest produce

The forests in Dharni and Chikhaldara talukas have bamboo and teak trees in plenty. Chikhaldara also grows coffee and is the only region to have coffee plantations in the entire State.

The ancient name of Amravati is "Udumbravati", prakrut form of this is "Umbravati" and "Amravati" is known for many centuries with this name.

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