The land pooling scheme for the development of the new township in Krushi Samruddhi Kendra..Part 2

When the development has been planned for an area’s infrastructure, it is aimed at improving the connectivity of that area. This allows a faster movement of the goods and services. Along with that, it is expected to reduce unemployment, increase agricultural income, and provide growth opportunities. Hence, we understand that such projects require large tracts of land. Speaking of the land required, we cannot pound on large patches of land under the namesake of development. This is why we need proper consent from the landowners. Thus, while planning the Krushi Samruddhi Kendra under the Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg program for the development of a new township, there was a land pooling scheme proposed to these landowners by the Government of Maharashtra.

The consent of the landowners is important for further steps like calculation of the assets and the legal formalities. When the landowners decide to be a part of the land pooling scheme, there would be certain benefits to them. Hence, for the new township scheme, the farmers were introduced to the land pooling scheme.

These participating landowners who avail this scheme are benefited with the following benefits:

1- The farmers whose land has been used in the Krushi Samruddhi Kendra will be given a developed plot equivalent of up to 30% of the land that they have pooled.

2- The plot which is given back will be developed with basic amenities like road, drainage, electricity. For modern amenities, they will get banks, schools, heath care, and so on.

3- A choice of either selling or transferring the developed plot would be given to these landowners.

4- For the loss of income incurred in this period of time would be compensated by the monetary means for the period of 10 years. The landowner will receive Rs 30,000 per acre for rain fed, Rs. 45,000 per acre for seasonal irrigated and Rs 60,000 per acre for irrigated. This will be the compensated annuity given for a period of 10 years with an increase of 10% per year due to inflation.

5- The government has guaranteed a buy back on the allotted plots with an expiry of 10 years. The value is determined at the time of signing the agreement with a simple interest rate of 9% for 10 years.

6- A rebate on stamp duties, registration fees, agricultural land conversion charges and so on, would be given to the landowners.

7- To the family members of the landowners, they would be considered eligible to undergo vocational training, free of cost, by the government.

Hence, we understand that the land pooling scheme is highly beneficial to the landowners as their land is taken away but a newly developed plot is provided in return. They are even compensated with the expenses occurred while the project is still running.

By implementing the land pooling scheme, the Government of Maharashtra hopes to set an example of land owners being involved and benefitted directly in the new township development project.

Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg

Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg aims at providing an impetus to the overall development of rural areas by attracting domestic and foreign investments.

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