Balanced Development via Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg

Balanced Development via Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg
The proposed Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg is going to be a project which will make us re-imagine the development in Maharashtra. This project is going to open many roads of development and progress for the people of Maharashtra. It is not just that the transport is going to be quicker but, MSRDC along with the administration is also trying to provide equal opportunities of development for people by ensuring balanced development in the state. What are the sets of solutions which the corporation is going to be laying out to achieve a balanced development in the state? How will these solutions enrich the state which will be applied for achieving a balanced development in Maharashtra? How will it address the out migration from the rural parts of Maharashtra towards the cities? This is a small effort to review the initiative…

Good roads are considered to be the first step towards development. Look at the example of Mumbai-Pune Expressway, there is no need to mention here about how well Pune and Mumbai have developed after building this Expressway. There is an urgent need to build a lot of such Expressways across Maharashtra. With such Expressway, we can easily achieve an overall and balanced development in the state.

In today’s times, if we think about Maharashtra, we can see that there is a concentration of development in only a few parts in the state. This centralisation of development is proving to be a huge hindrance for the overall and balanced development in Maharashtra. There is a need to think about and build a viable infrastructure if we want to achieve balanced development in Vidarbha, which is the eastern part of Maharashtra or in Marathwada. Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg is one of the steps towards achieving that kind of overall development. After through planning and deep thinking Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) has planned for this Samruddhi project.

Whenever any highway gets built, then because of the high speed transport infrastructure, two villages, towns get connected. Along with this, many businesses start to flourish along the way. When that happens, people start travelling more in that area. With the expansion of businesses and industries, people start getting employment. As there is employment available in many sectors, right from the service industry to manufacturing, people who would have usually turned towards cities for finding employment get stay in their own villages. Because of this, the social infrastructure like schools, educational institutions, hospitals, markets also starts to flourish. As the road is going to pass through agricultural area, the government is going to take an initiative in building cold storage units and other infrastructure needed to maintain the freshness of the farm produce. Along with that, the government is also going to make sure that the produce reaches the market with minimum travel time.

In such ways, the administration is thinking about brining an overall development in the state by the way of Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg project. That is the reason why, the idea of developing the New Towns near the expressway came forward. With this concept of new towns the corporation decided to develop these centres as Krishi Samruddhi Kendras. The centres which will house infrastructure which can lead to development of the agriculture. These Krishi Samruddhi Kendras are going to conduct skill development programs for people especially from the rural areas, so as the employability of that area also increases.The administration whats to provide for all the basic amenities available in the urban areas in these centres and then wants to create employment opportunities here. This, they think will bring the rural youth in the mainstream. The proposed Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg will have a cluster of gas pipeline, electric cables, WiFi and fibre optics. This will enable strong telecommunication network. This will also house the latest technologies in the solar power sector. All these things will be readily available in the rural areas with the advent of this Super-communication Expressway. The government feels the urgent need to give all possible amenities to the people who have given their land for building this grand project.

This project is going to enable faster transport of raw materials and goods from rural areas to the cities, and at the same time this is going to bring much required technology to our villages which is only available in our villages. With this the project aims at reducing the out migration of people from rural areas to urban. As this project will ensure that there will be enough employment opportunities available for people in villages. In short this project aims at overall development in Maharashtra and therefore it will bring prosperity to each and every family.

Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg

Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg aims at providing an impetus to the overall development of rural areas by attracting domestic and foreign investments.

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