‘Farm Pond To Ones Who Need’ - Solutions For Water Storage and Management ( Part 2 )

The Maharashtra Government has given a Green Signal to collate Water Storage and Management Solutions with the Developmental Phases and Plans of Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg. This is a summary of ‘Farm-Ponds’ and the peripheral phases which are collectively a part of Water Storage and Management Solutions.

1. Deepening and Broadening the Rivulets:
A Green Signal has been given by the Government for the usage of Accessory Minerals acquired during the Deepening and Broadening of Unrecognised Rivers and Rivulets that pass through the skeletal design of Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg, for the construction of the Highway. A No Objection Certificate from the concerned landowner and local Gram Panchayat is mandatory for this particular process. The measurement and the region shall be finalised by Local Revenue Authority and Contractors. After acquiring the required technical permissions, the Contractors shall finish the deepening and broadening process according to the final design.

Cleansing of Storage Ponds, Percolation Ponds:
It is a crucial process to cleanse the Storage Ponds, Percolation Ponds and Village Ponds that exist within the 2 km radius of Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg and come under the jurisdiction of different departments. It is expected the acquired Accessory Minerals shall be used for the construction of the Highway. The acquiring and transport of permissible amount of Accessory Minerals authorised by the Collector shall be carried out by the concerned Contractors.

The usage of the acquired Accessory Minerals in the construction of the Highway is going to enable cost cutting and subsequently, a speedy progress. The farmers shall be able to avail a double benefit facilitated by the amalgamation of Developmental Phases and Plans of Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg with Water Storage and Management Solutions.
To avail the format for an application and tripartite agreement, the interested land owners can see the link given below :-
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